Frequently Asked Questions

What are your official qualifications?

I have an undergraduate degree in Criminology with a minor in Sexuality Studies, a Master’s in Sociology from Carleton University, and a Master’s in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University. I have been accepted into the Doctoral Social Work program at McGill University under the supervision of Dr. Heather MacIntosh, C. Psych., and have received funding from the federal government to pursue my research on the provision of mental health services to sex workers. It is my intention to pursue this work in September 2025, while maintaining my private practice at Umbrella Insights.

The red umbrella is the international symbol of sex workers’ rights.

The first time the red umbrella was used was in 2001 in Venice during the 49th Art Biennale. A group of sex workers took to the streets and marched with red umbrellas as part of an art installation called “Prostitute Pavilion” by Slovenian artist Tadej Pogacar. The installation raised awareness about the human rights and labour rights violations faced by sex workers.

Since then, the red umbrella has been used internationally to support sex workers’ rights and showcase the strength and resilience of the community.