The Intersecting Identities of Sex Workers

In this two-hour workshop, I provide an overview of the multiple and intersecting identities of sex workers and the challenges they face in the industry, including but not limited to, racialized, disabled, neurodivergent, working poor, HIV+ sex workers and sex workers who use drugs and/or alcohol. You will develop an understanding of the “whorearchy,” and […]

The Interpersonal Relationships of Sex Workers

This three-hour workshop provides an overview of how sex workers understand their interpersonal relationships and how they maintain boundaries between their personal and professional lives. Whorephobia and internalized whorephobia will be explored to understand how sex workers navigate complex relationships with friends, family, lovers, dates and partners. This workshop is inclusive of the experiences of […]

Mental Health Services for Sex Workers

Importance of systemic interventions in relation to sex work in Canada.

Sex workers deserve therapy, assessment and diagnostic services provided by psychologists who understand sex work as a form of labour, affirm sex workers’ human rights by supporting the full decriminalization of sex work and respect the self-determination of sex workers. In other words, clinicians need to believe sex workers have the capacity to manage their […]